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Its never wise to take risks with safety. 

Brakes and Braking Systems play a crucial role in safety, keeping your family safe when you are driving your car. It is vital that your car is kept in a safe and working condition to ensure continued safe operation of your car and to protect the occupants of the vehicle.  

Abnormal noises and unusual behaviour of the car when you brake may not at first appear to be an immediate cause for worry, but braking safely is not something you should take risks with.

Your ability to stop efficiently and safely, or stopping power as it is often called, is at it's most critical in an emergency situation. When you need you car to stop quickly and retain the maximum of control you need your brakes to be performing at their absolute best.      

Autofix Mechanical Repairs recommend getting your brakes checked over if you happen to notice anything out of the ordinary. This includes new or unusual sounds or behaviours which may be signs of potentially very serious problems. Where such occurences are not attended to they could have significant impact on your ability to stop effectively, not the least of which is actual brake failure.   

Autofix Mechanical Repairs mechanics have extensive experience in brakes and braking systems, including inspections and brake repairs. Call us today if you have any concerns about your cars ability to brake safely and efficiently. Autofix Mechanical Repairs mechanics can offer you advice or inspect your brakes to ensure they are working correctly. One of our primary aims is to keep you and your family safe and on the road.

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Commonn Brake related tasks Autofix Mechanical Repairs brake regularly undertake include; 

  • Handbrake inspection
  • Disc brake inspection
  • Drum brake inspection
  • Brake line inspection 
  • Brake fluid inspection and refills
  • Hydraulic system inspection
  • Master cylinder inspection
  • Brake repair and replacement





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Autofix Mechanical Repairs recommend having your brakes checked if;   

  • Brake pedal goes lower than it used to, even all the way to the floor – this is often a sign you are losing pressure in your brake system, possibly in the brake lines, the master cylinder or your wheel cylinders
  • Brake pedal seems "spongy" – this often indicates air in the brake lines. The brake lines will need to be inspected for leaks, any discovered fixed and the lines drained then refilled with brake fluid
  • Brake pedal is hard to push down – you probably have a problem with your brake’s power booster. Designed to boost the force you apply to the brake pedal up to the level needed to stop the car, problems with brake boosters can prevent you stopping effectively.  
  • Your brakes make a squealing noise, especially when stopping short – there are numerous possible causes for this but it often means your brake pads need replacing. The brake pads press use friction to bring your wheels to a stop. Unfortunately this same friction means that brake pads will wear out over time and will need to be machined or replaced
  • The steering wheel shudders when you brake – this is a symptom that the drums (on the back brakes) or the rotors (on the front brakes)  have worn unevenly or have warped. These may also need to be machined back into shape or in some cases will need to be replaced altogether
  • The car pulls to one side when braking – this is an indicator that a brake on one side of the car is not working properly. The car will usually pull to the side of the brake that IS working properly giving you an indication the opposite brake is the problem. Any number of things can cause one brake to cease working correctly.  Some of the more common causes might include leaking brake lines, or an issue with the pistons, wheel cylinders or the brake pads themselves. 

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